We can help you|The therapy

We can help you if you would like to end your addiction for good but cannot do it alone.
We will take care of you during therapy – the alternative addiction treatment will be available with help and advice. Of course, you can contact us around the clock should you have any questions.

Baclofen, a long-known medication, helps you to give up alcohol. We help you with detoxification and advise you during therapy with Baclofen. We will free you from your alcohol addiction.

First contact

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

We will then contact you and discuss the treatment date as well as your journey to Regensburg » How to get there

Course of therapy

The therapy options will be discussed after the first consultation.
Today, there are medications that block the cravings and calm the brain.
You can see alcohol without feeling the urge to drink. You can go to the supermarket and shop without going to the wine aisle.
You can resist slot machines.
You can live without cocaine.
You can practice your profession completely.
Your life will return to normal in the following months and your relationship can concentrate on new contents.

Side effects

In the first two days, you will feel a little unsteady and dizzy but then you will feel normal.
After 8 to 14 days, you can return to work, drive and enjoy life to the fullest.

Who pays for it?

You must pay the costs of approx. €650 to €800 yourself.

What happens next?

The medication must be taken for years. The duration of the medication depends on the duration of the disease, the addictive substance, the social factors such as loss of job, confiscation of the driving license, divorce, social isolation, other diseases (independent of alcohol) or drugs.

Regular feedback, telephone conversations and check-ups in Regensburg are a matter of course.

I am available for meetings to you and your family.
Further therapies such as psychotherapy, couple therapy, rehab or occupational rehabilitation will be planned and initiated.

Discretion is important to us. We will not notify the authorities or employers.
I know how discriminating the diagnosis "addiction" can be.

Effects of addiction on family members

Addiction means that you are ill because you consume drugs or alcohol. Your partner, children, siblings and anyone close to you became ill as well over the course of time.

The family system is suffering with and from you and all the circumstances that addiction brings with it:

  • Fear of accidents
  • Fear of loss of job
  • Mental breakdowns
  • Disputes
  • Restriction of everyday life
  • Reduction of life to the consumption of the addictive substance

We know the family situations and your and your family members' life of suffering. We are available for conversations for you and your family members. We would be pleased if your wife/husband accompanies you and learns with you.

Learning how to deal with the disease

You should become competent for your disease, you should no longer helplessly face yourself and your disease but rather become a specialist in it. As we cannot watch our brain during its functional processes but only feel the effects, it is important that you absorb as much information as possible, that you learn how your brain works and that you can build your own action strategies.

Alcohol addiction and recovery from it is not something that you can do alone but with a doctor and a medication treatment. The fact that you failed despite all your efforts is not a weakness of character and will. We know that a patient has made many attempts (3 to 4 attempts on average) and perhaps even stayed in a clinic before coming to us. All efforts have failed – not because they did not want it but because their brain controlled them and they were compelled to keep on drinking.

The rate of relapses after a conventional treatment is 60% in the first 4 weeks. Our quota is in your hands: Stopping the medication will lead to a relapse within 2 to 4 days. This means that sticking to the therapy is a decisive factor and it is in your hands.

Should you have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to inform us. We look forward to every letter or mail and to answering your questions.

Declaration of consent for treatment with Baclofen

Please read this document carefully, sign it and return it to Dr. Schnell.

Declaration of consent for treatment with Baclofen (PDF)