Experience reports| of our patients

"I can look at myself in the mirror again and I know that my abstinence can be seen."

More than 16 months ago, at the end of March 2010, you took your time for a discussion with me and my husband. My alcoholism reached its peak. My day began early in the morning by going down to the basement to fill a glass with Williams. The urge to drink became stronger and stronger. I knew about my weakness. I was ashamed and sometimes hated myself and did not understand myself. But the craving for this terrible drug was too strong. The comedown was inevitable and had to happen.

During our meeting, you explained this serious disease and possibilities to combat it using understandable words. Our trust in your experience and success with Baclofen was correct and is now rewarded.

Alcohol is no longer of any interest to me. I have no cravings for alcohol. People in my immediate environment can drink alcohol but I do not need it. Alcohol can be offered in shops – I do not care about it. If someone offers me a drink, I ask about the contents – regardless of whether I am alone or with my husband.

My secretive manners have come to an end. I do not need to hide any bottles and take them to the glass tanks. I no longer need a mouth spray against the smell of alcohol. The fear that someone comes to visit unexpectedly and notice my situation has gone. I am also free from the worry that my husband would come through the door at an unusual time.

I can look at myself in the mirror again and I know that my abstinence can be seen. People often tell me: "You look good. You are apparently doing well." This makes me a little bit proud.

Life with my husband who did not deserve my behavior is worth living again.

Thank you and Baclofen for this.


"I am so happy and grateful for your therapy."

(…) I am following up with the effect of Baclofen and my own therapy now. I have read various forums on this topic and I am extremely enthusiastic about my own situation. It is frightening and very discouraging to read how people experiment with the medication arbitrarily and continue to drink.

I am so happy and grateful for your therapy. (…) It is a true pleasure to be able to sleep at night, not to have nightmares and to be able to start and end a day regularly. My general life situation has changed in terms of my attitude but the external circumstances have remained the same. I can see clearly now and have set the goal: "No more alcohol!" I know that this vicious circle starts again with just one slip!

I also use this principle to stop smoking and I am incredibly proud not to feel any cravings and to be able to turn my back on both drugs. There is no problem that was ever solved by alcohol. As there are many studies on this topic, I am happy to take part and to be able to gain valuable self-knowledge.

At the moment, I am on 5-5-15 mg and feel on top of the world. Thank you!


R.G., 67 years of age

1 year has passed since my daughters and I have been to Regensburg. During this time, a lot has changed in my and my family's life. Thanks to your help, I could return to a normal life. I spend a lot of time with my daughters and their families and could spend a few days of vacation with one of my daughters and her youngest child. I was able to establish contact with my sister again which was not possible for many years. We have already taken many day trips. In May 2018, we have planned a trip to the Baltic Sea and my dream comes true: Vacation by the sea. In October, I also took a cure in order to recover physically and mentally. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and daughters and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to do the Baclofen therapy.


H.K., 57 years of age

I haven not drunk alcohol for a year now. I have achieved great stability and tackled some problems but I have never felt the urge to drink alcohol.


Z.U., 54 years of age

I have never been able to talk to someone about my alcohol addiction but with you, it was completely natural. Every time I "justifiably" had a relapse, I had to justify myself to other people (parents and brother). This really gnawed at me and I was sick and tired of the same discussions and promises – this is embarrassing rather than productive.


Experience reports

I have not drunk any alcohol since my appointment on July 9, 2018.
This is a great success for me and speaks for the success of your method of treatment. I would never have thought that I could make it. The will was there but I did not think that I would have a real chance to be permanently abstinent to this point. Until now, alcohol controlled me every day for decades – not vice versa.