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What is addiction?

Addiction is an illness of the brain in the brainstem area, the oldest part of the brain in terms of development history.


What makes you addicted?

The neurotransmitter dopamine is addictive. In low doses it helps to consolidate memories in the brain, but in higher doses it changes the brain in just a short time, creates new stimulation pathways and allows proteins to emerge in the cells, which change the information in the genes and develop independent control.

How does dopamine work?

You have won a thousand-metre race... The brain distributes the success hormone dopamine, and you feel happy.

You drink a glass of wine... Wine is a brain-active substance and causes dopamine distribution. More dopamine is distributed than during running, and without any effort.

You sniff cocaine... and a thousand times the quantity of dopamine is distributed... You feel fantastic.

Is addiction also possible without a "substance"?

You have won the lottery... The joy triggers dopamine distribution.

You play on slot machines every day... Dopamine is constantly being distributed.

You consume pornography... dopamine is also distributed during sexual arousal, and this triggers the dopamine mechanism.

Why do you have to take drug, start the game again and again?

The brains signals desire because it has been sensitised to the drug or the experience. With increasing habituation, the dosage becomes increasingly bigger, but not necessary the enjoyment. It is not more fun, it is not more satisfying but it requires increasingly larger quantities.

With the dopamine, other substances such as endorphins and adrenaline are also activated. A sort of neuronal firework develops in the brain, and as soon as it is "set off", it gets dark, desolate, cold and empty in your head, and the next dose is needed.

Why does everything become important, when it is to do with the drug? Why do we feel pleasure when consuming drugs?

We have a pleasure centre in the brain, which is part of the so-called limbic system. If I enjoy it, I learn easier, enjoy cooking more, etc.

Drugs reduce the stimulus threshold of the pleasure centre, so that not only the drug but every experience that we have under the effect of drugs becomes great (the same process takes place when we fall in love: Everything our loved one does is wonderful. Everything that we experience in the stage of being in love is beautiful.)
That is the reason why everything is seen through "rose-tinted glasses", and pain and aversion is hardly perceived. Even dirt and any unpleasantness is borne without complaint when consuming drugs, because the readiness for pleasure is much higher.

What are the symptoms of addiction?

Greed for the substance, immediate satisfaction, increased desire, continual increase of the dose, crash, withdrawal, loss of present, addictive substance becomes purpose in life, narrowing of interests, loss of quality of life, concentration on procurement and consumption.
Friends, family, hobbies... everything becomes secondary to the consumption of drugs.
During withdrawal, pain, shivering, freezing, anxiety and an unmanageable desire to consume the drug again set in.


Why can't I just stop?

The neurotransmitters form a neuronal network in the brain, which develops a complete life of its own and creates its own control.

This control is outside of our willpower.
The will, the personality says "I want to get out! I want to stop! I am losing..."
The neuronal network controls the search for and taking of drugs, completely independently and regardless of willpower.

Can I become healthy again?


First of all, you must admit that you are ill and that you have a problem.
If you are willing to change your life, we can achieve a great deal together, until you are fit for work again, a healthy partnership, a life without addictive substances.

If you allow change, it is possible for the brain to save new information again. The brain can always re-learn, can always develop further and can build up new neuronal paths. You have to want it...

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