Alcohol addiction

and social consequences

If alcohol defines your life, then your circle of friends will be divided into people who drink with you and people who don't drink with you.

Men sometimes form intensive and supportive friendships with drinking mates.
However, life is risky for drinking women. A drinking woman is an easy target for men, an available object and frequently the victim of sexual violence.

The extent of suffering in families, where the father or mother drinks, is considerable.
Physical and mental violence towards women and children, abuse, neglect and isolation. Uncertainty and inconsistent behaviour damage the development of children.
A child from a family with an alcoholic parent has approx. a 8-10 times higher risk of becoming an alcoholic themselves.

Childhood experiences with alcoholic parents

  • Agreements are not kept
  • The social life of the family is destroyed, no friends, no invitations, no celebrations
  • The children are frequently left to their own devices
  • Children who have to take care of their parents, and pick them up from the pub and put them to bed
  • Children who lie for their parents
  • Children who are afraid of their parents losing their job.
  • Children who are afraid of losing their parents, the parents becoming injured, accidents, falling downstairs, etc.
  • Children who take on the upbringing of their younger siblings due to lack of upbringing by their parents
  • Children who do the housework and neglect their own school education, to the point of a drop in performance and premature school leaving

Partner problems

  • Violence in the relationship
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Keeping the situation a secret
  • Overcompensation and trying to preserve the family with all their strength
  • Social decline: Unemployment, illness and isolation