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Dr. Schnell is a specialist for general medicine and specialises in alternative treatment of addiction. In her general practitioner's office she treats patients for alcohol addiction, drug abuse, gambling addiction and drug-related diseases without substitution. Dr. Schnell helps you with detoxification and advises you during Baclofen therapy. Please contact her by telephone or e-mail for a personal meeting.
Your addiction is my job and we will find a way together.
Yours, Vera Schnell

Frequently asked questions

What is addiction?

Addiction is an illness of the brain in the brainstem area, the oldest part of the brain in terms of development history.

Why does everything become important, when it is to do with the drug? Why do we feel pleasure when consuming drugs?

We have a pleasure centre in the brain, which is part of the so-called limbic system. If I enjoy it, I learn easier, enjoy cooking more, etc.

Drugs reduce the stimulus threshold of the pleasure centre, so that not only the drug but every experience that we have under the effect of drugs becomes great (the same process takes place when we fall in love: Everything our loved one does is wonderful. Everything that we experience in the stage of being in love is beautiful.)
That is the reason why everything is seen through "rose-tinted glasses", and pain and aversion is hardly perceived. Even dirt and any unpleasantness is borne without complaint when consuming drugs, because the readiness for pleasure is much higher.

What are the symptoms of addiction?

Greed for the substance, immediate satisfaction, increased desire, continual increase of the dose, crash, withdrawal, loss of present, addictive substance becomes purpose in life, narrowing of interests, loss of quality of life, concentration on procurement and consumption.
Friends, family, hobbies... everything becomes secondary to the consumption of drugs.
During withdrawal, pain, shivering, freezing, anxiety and an unmanageable desire to consume the drug again set in.

Why can't I just stop?

The neurotransmitters form a neuronal network in the brain, which develops a complete life of its own and creates its own control.

This control is outside of our willpower.
The will, the personality says "I want to get out! I want to stop! I am losing..."
The neuronal network controls the search for and taking of drugs, completely independently and regardless of willpower.

Therapy and Diagnosis in Regensburg-Kumpfmühl

Our general practitioner's office is at Boelckestraße 17-19 in Regensburg-Kumpfmühl.

It is actually 3 practitioner's offices in 2 neighbouring houses. As we operate one office with currently seven doctors, we are in a position to offer a multitude of therapeutic and diagnostic methods. From ultrasound to ECG, we have all the important technical requirements to offer you a high level of examination and treatment possibilities.